Massage Therapy in Conjunction with Chiropractic Care

We get the question all the time: Should I go to the massage therapist, or should I go to the chiropractor?  The short answer is: Both!

massage therapy

What are the top advantages to going to a massage therapist?

1. Going to the massage therapist before getting adjusted

There are many health benefits to massage therapy in general, and we don’t like to think of massage therapists as competition to the chiropractic field of medicine, instead, it is just as much of a complement to our methodology.  Why? Getting a deep tissue massage, or a swedish massage (or other types) can serve to relax the body and the muscles surrounding your skeleton structure.  This relaxation can help to make the adjustment more effective.

2. Getting a massage after getting adjusted

The “memory” of your muscles is often what prevents chiropractic adjustments from having long-term benefits.  The reason this problem exists is that muscles tend to have residual tension and this tension can often hold spinal segments out of place.  When the chiropractor uses manipulation to put the spine back into alignment, the tension that remains in the muscles can immediately, or almost immediately pull the spine back out of place.  Receiving a massage immediately after an adjustment can help to keep the muscles loose and give your adjustment more lasting power.   For more information on this subject visit: